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A*Teens Mamma Mia 1999 16/10/1999 51 13
ABBA Dancing Queen 1976 05/01/2013 165 1
ABBA Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 1979 11/01/2014 195 1
ABBA Al andar 1980      
ABBA Andante, Andante 1980      
ABBA Andante, andante [español] 1980      
ABBA Angeleyes 1979      
ABBA Angeleyes / Voulez-vous 1979      
ABBA Arrival 1976      
ABBA As Good As New 1979      
ABBA Bang-A-Boomerang 1975      
ABBA Cassandra 1982      
ABBA Chiquitita 1978      
ABBA Chiquitita [español] 1979      
ABBA Conociéndome, conociéndote 1980      
ABBA Crazy World 1976      
ABBA Dame! Dame! Dame! 1980      
ABBA Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) 1974      
ABBA Does Your Mother Know 1979      
ABBA Don't Shut Me Down        
ABBA Dream World 1994      
ABBA Dum Dum Diddle 1976      
ABBA Eagle 1977      
ABBA Eagle / Thank You For The Music 1978      
ABBA Elaine 1980      
ABBA Estoy soñando 1979      
ABBA Felicidad 1980      
ABBA Fernando 1976      
ABBA Fernando [español] 1980      
ABBA Gonna Sing You My Lovesong 1974      
ABBA Gracias por la música 1980      
ABBA Happy Hawaii 1976      
ABBA Happy New Year 1980      
ABBA Hasta mañana 1974      
ABBA Hasta mañana [español] 1980      
ABBA Head Over Heels 1981      
ABBA Hey, Hey Helen 1975      
ABBA Hole In Your Soul 1977      
ABBA Honey Honey 1974      
ABBA Honey, Honey [svensk version] 1974      
ABBA Hovas Vittne        
ABBA I Am The City 1993      
ABBA I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 1975      
ABBA I Have A Dream 1979      
ABBA I Let The Music Speak 1981      
ABBA I Still Have Faith In You        
ABBA I Wonder (Departure) 1977      
ABBA If It Wasn't For The Nights 1979      
ABBA I'm A Marionette 1977      
ABBA Intermezzo No. 1 1975      
ABBA I've Been Waiting For You 1974      
ABBA King Kong Song 1974      
ABBA Kisses Of Fire 1979      
ABBA Knowing Me, Knowing You 1976      
ABBA La reina del baile [Reina danzante] 1980      
ABBA Lay All Your Love On Me 1980      
ABBA Like An Angel Passing Through My Room 1981      
ABBA Lovelight 1978      
ABBA Lovers (Live A Little Longer) 1979      
ABBA Mamma Mia 1975      
ABBA Mamma mia [español] 1980      
ABBA Man In The Middle 1975      
ABBA Me And I 1980      
ABBA Medley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton * On Top Of Old Smokey * Midnight Special 1975      
ABBA Megamedley 1999      
ABBA Money, Money, Money 1976      
ABBA Move On 1977      
ABBA My Love, My Life 1976      
ABBA My Mama Said 1974      
ABBA No hay a quien culpar 1981      
ABBA On And On And On 1980      
ABBA One Man, One Woman 1977      
ABBA One Of Us 1981      
ABBA Our Last Summer 1980      
ABBA Put On Your White Sombrero 1994      
ABBA Ring ring [español] 1993      
ABBA Ring Ring [svenska / español / deutsch] 1994      
ABBA Rock Me 1975      
ABBA S.O.S. 1975      
ABBA Sång till Görel 1979      
ABBA Se me está escapando 1981      
ABBA Should I Laugh Or Cry 1981      
ABBA Sitting In The Palmtree 1974      
ABBA Slipping Through My Fingers 1981      
ABBA So Long 1974      
ABBA Soldiers 1981      
ABBA Summer Night City 1978      
ABBA Super Trouper 1980      
ABBA Suzy-Hang-Around 1974      
ABBA Take A Chance On Me 1977      
ABBA Thank You For The Music 1977      
ABBA That's Me 1976      
ABBA The Day Before You Came 1982      
ABBA The Greatest Megamix 2006      
ABBA The King Has Lost His Crown 1979      
ABBA The Last Video [DVD] 2004      
ABBA The Name Of The Game 1977      
ABBA The Piper 1980      
ABBA The Visitors (Crackin' Up) 1981      
ABBA The Way Old Friends Do 1980      
ABBA The Winner Takes It All 1980      
ABBA Tiger 1976      
ABBA Tropical Loveland 1975      

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