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Label:Warner M.
Entrée:16/09/2000 (Position 45)
Dernière semaine:23/09/2000 (Position 62)
Top:45 (1 sem.)
Place dans le classement général:10015 (295 points)
Dans d'autres pays:
fr  Top: 45 / sem.: 2


16/09/2000: N 45.
23/09/2000: 62.
Brad MehldauBrad Mehldau: Discographie / Devenir fan
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Songs - The Art Of The Trio Volume Three26/09/1998673
Progression - The Art Of The Trio, Vol. 5 (The Brad Mehldau Trio)22/09/20011242
Anything Goes (Brad Mehldau Trio)22/02/2004557
Live In Tokyo12/09/2004715
Day Is Done (Brad Mehldau Trio)15/10/20051055
House On Hill (Brad Mehldau Trio)01/07/20061184
Metheny Mehldau (Pat Metheny / Brad Mehldau)23/09/2006606
Quartet (Pat Metheny / Brad Mehldau)10/03/20071244
Live (Brad Mehldau Trio)29/03/20081185
Highway Rider20/03/20108010
Love Songs (Anne Sofie von Otter / Brad Mehldau)16/10/20101802
Live In Marciac26/02/20111681
Live At Birdland (Lee Konitz / Brad Mehldau / Charlie Haden / Paul Motian)21/05/20111213
Ode (Brad Mehldau Trio)17/03/20121612
Where Do You Start06/10/20121611
Mehliana - Taming The Dragon (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)08/03/20141262
10 Years Solo Live21/11/20151761
Blues And Ballads (Brad Mehldau Trio)11/06/2016785
Nearness (Joshua Redman & Brad Mehldau)17/09/20161401
Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)04/02/20171921
Finding Gabriel18/05/20191721
Your Mother Should Know - Brad Mehldau Plays The Beatles11/02/20231532
(Entr'acte) Glam Perfume (Brad Mehldau / Becca Stevens)
26 (Brad Mehldau Trio)
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
After Bach: Cavatina
After Bach: Dream
After Bach: Flux
After Bach: Ostinato
After Bach: Pastorale
After Bach: Rondo
After Bach: Toccata
Airegin (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Almost Like Being In Love (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Alone Together (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Always Departing
Always Returning
And I Love Her (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Aquaman (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Aquelas coisas todas (Brad Mehldau Trio)
At A Loss
At The Tollbooth
Babe Plays Around (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Baby's In Black
Beatrice (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Bee Blues (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Before Bach: Benediction
Between Bach
Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered
Blame It On My Youth
Brownie Speaks (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Cheryl (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Cogs In Cogs I - Dance
Cogs In Cogs II - Song (Brad Mehldau / Becca Stevens)
Cogs In Cogs III - Double Fugue
Come With Me
Cry Me A River (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Daughter Of Eve (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
Days Of Dilbert Delaney (Brad Mehldau Trio)
De-Dah (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Disco Ears (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Don't Be Sad
Don't Interrupt The Sorrow
Don't Let It Bring You Down
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
Dream Of Home (Chris Potter / Brad Mehldau / John Patitucci / Brian Blade)
Dream Sketch (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Dream's Monk (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Elegy For Amelia E. (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
Eulogy For George Hanson (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Exit Music (For A Film)
Family Harmony
Father (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Fear And Trembling
Floppy Diss (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
For All We Know
For No One
Friends (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Fugue No. 16 In G Minor
Fugue No. 20 In A Minor From The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, BWV 865
Gainsbourg (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
Golden Slumbers
Got Me Wrong (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Great Day (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Happy Tune
Heaven: I. All Once. – II. Life Seeker. – III. Würm. – IV. Epilogue: It Was A Dream But I Carry It Still (Brad Mehldau / Cécile McLorin Salvant / Luca van den Bossche / Safia McKinney-Askeur)
Here, There And Everywhere
Herr und Knecht (Brad Mehldau / Tobias Bader)
Hey Joe (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Highway Rider
Holland (Brad Mehldau Trio)
House On Hill
How Long Has This Been Going On? (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Hungry Ghost (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
I Am The Walrus
I Concentrate On You (Brad Mehldau Trio)
I Cover The Waterfront (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
I Fall In Love To Easily
I Saw Her Standing There
If I Needed Someone
In The Kitchen
Independence Day (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
Into The City
It Might As Well Be Spring (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Jacob's Ladder II - Song (Brad Mehldau / Safia McKinney-Askeur)
Jacob's Ladder III - Ladder (Brad Mehldau / Luca van den Bossche / Becca Stevens, Safia McKinney-Askeur)
Jam (Brad Mehldau Trio)
John Boy
Just Call Me Nige (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
Keeping Distance
Kite Song (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Kurt Vibe (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Lament For Linus
Life On Mars?
Little Person (Brad Mehldau Trio)
London Gloaming (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
Long Ago And Far Away (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Long Gone (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Look For The Silver Lining
Love And Hard Times (Renée Fleming with Brad Mehldau)
Luxe (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
M.B. (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Marcie (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Maybe As His Skies Are Wide (Brad Mehldau / Luca van den Bossche)
Mignon's Song
Moe Honk (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
My Valentine (Brad Mehldau Trio)
New York State Of Mind
No Moon At All
Nobody Else But Me
Noise Machine (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
Now You Must Climb Alone
Ode (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Old West
Partita For Keyboard No. 4 In D Major, BWV 828: II. Allemande
Prayer For Healing
Prelude And Fugue No. 12 In F Minor
Prelude No. 1 In C Major
Prelude No. 10 In E Minor
Prelude No. 20 In A Minor From The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, BWV 865
Prelude No. 3 In C# Major
Prelude No. 6 In D Minor From The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, BWV 851
Prelude No. 7 In E-Flat Major From The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, BWV 852
Prelude No. 9 In E Major From The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I, BWV 854
Prelude To Prelude
Quit (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Rejoice (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Remembering Before All This
Resignation (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Right Back Round Again (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
River Man (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
River Man
Ron's Place
Samba e amor (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Sassyassed Sassafrass (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
Scarlet Town (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
Schloss Elmau
Secret Love (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Seymour Reads The Constitution (Brad Mehldau Trio)
She Said, She Said
Ship To Shore (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Silly Little Love Song (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Since I Fell For You (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Sky Turning Grey (For Elliott Smith)
Sleeping Giant (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
Spiral (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Stan The Man (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Statuesque (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Stepping Outside
Stopping, Listening: Hearing
Sublation (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Swimming (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
Tabhair dom do Lámh (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
Tallahassee Junction (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
Taming The Dragon (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
Ten Tune (Brad Mehldau Trio)
The Day Moves By
The Dreamer (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
The Falcon Will Fly Again
The Folks Who Live On The Hill (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
The Garden
The More I See You (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
The Old Shade Tree (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
The Watcher (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Time Has Told Me (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Tom Sawyer (Brad Mehldau / Chris Thile / Luca van den Bossche)
Tom Tom's Room (Brad Mehldau & Bill Frisell)
Turtle Town
Twiggy (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Undertow (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Variations On Bach's Goldberg Theme - Aria-Like
Variations On Bach's Goldberg Theme - Variation I, Minor 5/8 a
Variations On Bach's Goldberg Theme - Variation II, Minor 5/8 b
Variations On Bach's Goldberg Theme - Variation III, Major 7/4
Variations On Bach's Goldberg Theme - Variation IV, Breakbeat
Variations On Bach's Goldberg Theme - Variation V, Jazz
Variations On Bach's Goldberg Theme - Variation VI, Finale
Vou correndo te encontrar / Racecar (Brad Mehldau / Pedro Martins)
Waking Up
Walking The Peak
We'll Cross The River Together
Where Do You Start? (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Renée Fleming with Brad Mehldau)
You Can't Go Back Now (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
Young At Heart
Your Mother Should Know
Your Part To Play (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
10 Years Solo Live
After Bach
After Bach II
Alone Together (Lee Konitz / Brad Mehldau / Charlie Haden)
Anything Goes (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Après Fauré
Blues And Ballads (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau (Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau)
Day Is Done (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Eagle's Point (Potter / Mehldau / Patitucci / Blade)
Finding Gabriel
Highway Rider
House On Hill (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Jacob's Ladder
Live (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Live At Birdland (Lee Konitz / Brad Mehldau / Charlie Haden / Paul Motian)
Live At The Village Vanguard - The Art Of The Trio Volume Two
Live In Marciac
Live In Tokyo
Long Ago And Far Away (Charlie Haden & Brad Mehldau)
LongGone (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Love Songs (Anne Sofie von Otter / Brad Mehldau)
Love Sublime (Brad Mehldau / Renée Fleming)
Mehliana - Taming The Dragon (Brad Mehldau / Mark Giuliana)
Metheny Mehldau (Pat Metheny / Brad Mehldau)
Nearness (Joshua Redman & Brad Mehldau)
Ode (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Progression - The Art Of The Trio, Vol. 5 (The Brad Mehldau Trio)
Quartet (Pat Metheny / Brad Mehldau)
RoundAgain (Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade)
Seymour Reads The Constitution! (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Songs - The Art Of The Trio Volume Three
Suite: April 2020
The Art Of The Trio - Additional Recordings: 1997-2001 (Brad Mehldau / Larry Grenadier / Jorge Rossy)
The Art Of The Trio - Recordings: 1996-2001 (Brad Mehldau / Larry Grenadier / Jorge Rossy)
The Art Of The Trio - Volume One
The Art Of The Trio, Vol. 4 - Back At The Vanguard (Brad Mehldau / Jorge Rossy / Larry Grenadier)
The Folly Of Desire (Brad Mehldau / Ian Bostridge)
Variations On A Melancholy Theme (Brad Mehldau / Orpheus Chamber Orchestra)
Where Do You Start (Brad Mehldau Trio)
Where Do You Start
Your Mother Should Know - Brad Mehldau Plays The Beatles
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