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Classer par: Artiste/Titre | Titre | Année
Addy Andrigo und sein OrchesterMelodien der Sehnsucht1959Musique/Texte
Al HibblerDaybreak1955Musique/Texte
Al HibblerWhere Are You1956Musique/Texte
Al HirtAn Affair To Remember1968Musique/Texte
Alice FayeYou're A Sweetheart1937Musique/Texte
Ambrose & His OrchestraComin' In On A Wing And A Prayer1943Musique/Texte
Ames Bros.Around The World1958Musique/Texte
André Previn & David RoseToo Young To Go Steady1958Musique/Texte
Andy WilliamsIt's A Most Unusual Day1963Musique/Texte
Art TatumEverything I Have Is Yours1955Musique/Texte
Artie ShawTime On My Hands1946Musique/Texte
Bea WainComin' In On A Wing And A Prayer1943Musique/Texte
Benny GoodmanTime On My Hands1941Musique/Texte
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraTime On My Hands1966Musique/Texte
Bill HayesThe Legend Of Wyatt Earp1955Musique/Texte
Billie HolidayEverything I Have Is Yours1952Musique/Texte
Billie HolidayTime On My Hands1940Musique/Texte
Billie Holiday & Her OrchestraDid I Remember1936Musique/Texte
Bing CrosbyAround The World1957Musique/Texte
Bing CrosbyTime On My Hands1976Musique/Texte
Bob DylanI Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night2017Musique/Texte
Bob DylanWhere Are You?2015Musique/Texte
Bobby VintonAround The World1965Musique/Texte
Brenda LeeAround The World1961Musique/Texte
Bryan FerryTime On My Hands1999Musique/Texte
Buddy GrecoAround The World1961Musique/Texte
Bunny Berigan And His OrchestraThat Foolish Feeling1936Musique/Texte
Bunny Berigan And His OrchestraWhere Are You1936Musique/Texte
Carla ThomasA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening1961Musique/Texte
Carroll Gibbons & The Savoy Hotel OrpheansA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening Musique/Texte
Caterina ValenteNew York, New York / Manhattan Serenade1964Musique/Texte
Chet BakerDaybreak1955Musique/Texte
Chris ConnorIt's A Most Unusual Day1958Musique/Texte
Chris ConnorWhere Are You1956Musique/Texte
Connee BoswellMoonlight Mood1942Musique/Texte
Connie StevensA Little Kiss Is A Kiss, Is A Kiss1960Musique/Texte
Connie StevensToo Young To Go Steady1960Musique/Texte
Count BasieTime On My Hands1942Musique/Texte
Danilo PerezTime On My Hands1993Musique/Texte
Dexter GordonWhere Are You?1962Musique/Texte
Dinah ShoreManhattan Serenade1942Musique/Texte
Dinah WashingtonDaybreak1960Musique/Texte
Dinah WashingtonI Just Found Out About Love1962Musique/Texte
Dinah WashingtonWhere Are You?1962Musique/Texte
Dinah WashingtonYou're A Sweetheart1962Musique/Texte
Django ReinhardtTime On My Hands1939Musique/Texte
Earl BosticTime On My Hands1954Musique/Texte
Earl GrantWhere Are You1964Musique/Texte
Eddie FisherAround The World1956Musique/Texte
Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Kyle And His TrioI Didn't Mean A Word I Said1946Musique/Texte
Ella Fitzgerald with Marty Paich And His Orchestra720 In The Books1958Musique/Texte
Engelbert HumperdinckA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening1965Musique/Texte
Eric Winstone & His BandI Walked In (With My Eyes Wide Open)1946Musique/Texte
Ethel WatersYou're A Sweetheart1938Musique/Texte
Frank RosolinoYou're A Sweetheart1961Musique/Texte
Frank SinatraA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening1943Musique/Texte
Frank SinatraDaybreak1961Musique/Texte
Frank SinatraHush-A-Bye Island1946Musique/Texte
Frank SinatraI Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night1943Musique/Texte
Frank SinatraIt's A Wonderful World1961Musique/Texte
Frank SinatraMoonlight Mood1966Musique/Texte
Frank SinatraThe Music Stopped1944Musique/Texte
Frank SinatraWhere Are You?1957Musique/Texte
Frank Sinatra / Tommy Dorsey And His OrchestraDaybreak1942Musique/Texte
Frank Sinatra with Billy May And His OrchestraAround The World1958Musique/Texte
Frankie LaineOn The Trail1962Musique/Texte
Fred Astaire & Joan CrawfordHeigh Ho The Gang's All Here Musique/Texte
Geoff Love And His OrchestraAround The World1979Musique/Texte
Gerhard WendlandDie Welt war nie so schön für mich1957Musique/Texte
Gladys Knight & The PipsDaybreak1964Musique/Texte
Glen CampbellLove Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow1967Musique/Texte
Glenn MillerThe Woodpecker Song1940Musique/Texte
Gracie FieldsAround The World1957Musique/Texte
Henry ArlandAround The World1967Musique/Texte
Hoagy CarmichaelMy Resistance Is Low1951Musique/Texte
Irene Kral With Junior Mance TrioIts A Wonderful World1963Musique/Texte
Jack Payne & His OrchestraThe Little Things That Mean So Much1945Musique/Texte
Jackie DavisThere's Something In The Air1959Musique/Texte
Jackie DavisTime On My Hands1962Musique/Texte
James DarrenToo Young To Go Steady1962Musique/Texte
James LastAround The World1968Musique/Texte
Jan Savitt And His Orchestra720 In The Books1939Musique/Texte
Jan Savitt And His OrchestraIt's A Wonderful World1939Musique/Texte
Jaye P. MorganWhere Are You1958Musique/Texte
Jimmy Dorsey & His OrchestraOhio1944Musique/Texte
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraAurora1941Musique/Texte
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraDaybreak1942Musique/Texte
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraJamboree1937Musique/Texte
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraManhattan Serenade1942Musique/Texte
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraYou1936Musique/Texte
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraYou Never Looked So Beautiful1936Musique/Texte
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraI Didn't Mean A Word I Said1946Musique/Texte
Johnny MathisA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening1959Musique/Texte
Johnny MathisI Just Found Out About Love1960Musique/Texte
Johnny MathisLove Me As Thought There Were No Tomorrow1962Musique/Texte
Julie LondonAn Affair To Remember1965Musique/Texte
Julie LondonEverything I Have Is Yours1967Musique/Texte
Julie LondonWhere Are You1963Musique/Texte
Karl DenverA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening / Try A Little Tenderness1964Musique/Texte
Keith JarrettTime On My Hands2006Musique/Texte
Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnetteToo Young To Go Steady1987Musique/Texte
Larry Clinton And His OrchestraThe Little Man Who Wasn't There1939Musique/Texte
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraEverything's Been Done Before1941Musique/Texte
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraSittin' In The Dark1933Musique/Texte
Louis PrimaA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening1961Musique/Texte
Louis PrimaIt's Been So Long1936Musique/Texte
Mantovani And His OrchestraA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening1973Musique/Texte
Mantovani And His OrchestraAround The World1957Musique/Texte
Marlene DietrichI Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night1951Musique/Texte
Marlene DietrichTime On My Hands1951Musique/Texte
Matt MonroEverything I Have Is Yours1957Musique/Texte
Merrill MooreRed Light1953Musique/Texte
Michelle WilliamsWhen Love Goes Wrong, Nothin' Goes Right & Heat Wave2011Musique/Texte
Mose AllisonEverything I Have Is Yours1962Musique/Texte
Mose AllisonYou're A Sweetheart1962Musique/Texte
Mr. Benny GoodmanIt's Been So Long1936Musique/Texte
Nat "King" ColeAn Affair To Remember (Our Love Affair)1957Musique/Texte
Nat "King" ColeAround The World1957Musique/Texte
Nat "King" ColeDame Crazy1955Musique/Texte
Nat "King" ColeI Just Found Out About Love1956Musique/Texte
Nat "King" ColeLove Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow1957Musique/Texte
Nat "King" ColeToo Young To Go Steady1956Musique/Texte
Orchester F. WackerAround The World1971Musique/Texte
Pat BooneLoulla1957Musique/Texte
Patti LaBelle & The Blue BellesWhere Are You1963Musique/Texte
Peggy LeeIt's A Wonderful World1958Musique/Texte
Peggy LeeWhere Are You?1950Musique/Texte
Peggy LeeYou1979Musique/Texte
Percy Faith And His OrchestraEverything I Have Is Yours1956Musique/Texte
Perry ComoDig You Later (A Hubba-Hubba-Hubba)1945Musique/Texte
Perry ComoToo Young To Go Steady1961Musique/Texte
Perry Como with Russ Case And His OrchestraA Hubba-Hubba-Hubba (Dig You Later)1954Musique/Texte
Peter BeilDie Welt war nie so schön für mich1964Musique/Texte
Pharoah SandersToo Young To Go Steady1985Musique/Texte
Ralph Burns & His OrchestraIt's A Wonderful World1977Musique/Texte
Ran BlakeWhere Are You?2014Musique/Texte
Raul Malo with the Northern SinfoniaAround The World2012Musique/Texte
Ray Conniff & Billy ButterfieldTime On My Hands1959Musique/Texte
Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And ChorusAround The World1960Musique/Texte
Ray Noble And His OrchestraIt's A Most Unusual Day1948Musique/Texte
Red McKenzie And His OrchestraTime On My Hands1931Musique/Texte
Robin SarstedtLove While The Music Plays1976Musique/Texte
Robin SarstedtMy Resistance Is Low1976Musique/Texte
Ronnie CarrollWhere Are You1964Musique/Texte
Rossana CasaleEverything I Have Is Yours2003Musique/Texte
Roy Eldridge And His OrchestraWhere The Lazy River Goes By1937Musique/Texte
Roy HamiltonI Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night1960Musique/Texte
Russ ColumboTime On My Hands1931Musique/Texte
Santo & JohnnyAround The World1962Musique/Texte
Sarah Vaughan With George Treadwell's OrchestraEverything I Have Is Yours1947Musique/Texte
Shirley BasseyA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening1961Musique/Texte
Shirley ScottYou're A Sweetheart1967Musique/Texte
Shorty Long and The Happy FellowsThe Legend Of Wyatt Earp1957Musique/Texte
Sonny RollinsWhere Are You1962Musique/Texte
Sonny Rollins with The Modern Jazz QuartetTime On My Hands1956Musique/Texte
Stan GetzTime On My Hands1953Musique/Texte
Stanley Clarke / Biréli Lagrène / Jean-Luc PontyToo Young To Go Steady2015Musique/Texte
Swing And Sway With Sammy KayeI Didn't Mean A Word I Said1946Musique/Texte
The Andrews SistersAurora1941Musique/Texte
The Andrews SistersFerryboat Serenade1940Musique/Texte
The Andrews SistersThe Humming-Bird1942Musique/Texte
The Andrews SistersThe Woodpecker Song1940Musique/Texte
The Ben Webster QuintetTime On My Hands1957Musique/Texte
The Benny Goodman QuartetYou're A Sweetheart1954Musique/Texte
The Ink SpotsA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening1944Musique/Texte
The Ink SpotsDon't Believe Everything You Dream1944Musique/Texte
The Main IngredientWhere Are You?1972Musique/Texte
The RoyalettesAn Affair To Remember (Our Love Affair)1966Musique/Texte
The ShadowsMy Resistance Is Low1961Musique/Texte
Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake SevenYou're A Sweetheart1938Musique/Texte
Tony BennettDaybreak1995Musique/Texte
Tony FruscellaBlue Serenade1955Musique/Texte
Trini LopezOnce I Wondered1968Musique/Texte
Vera LynnI Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night Musique/Texte
Vic Damone with Percy Faith & His OrchestraAn Affair To Remember (Our Love Affair)1957Musique/Texte
Wilbur Hatch & OrchestraI Love Lucy1951Musique/Texte
Around The World (Frank Sinatra with Billy May And His Orchestra)74.57
My Resistance Is Low (Robin Sarstedt)134.38
Aurora (The Andrews Sisters)64
Time On My Hands (Bryan Ferry)54
Too Young To Go Steady (Nat "King" Cole)54
I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night (Frank Sinatra)73.57
My Resistance Is Low (Robin Sarstedt)134.38
Around The World (Frank Sinatra with Billy May And His Orchestra)74.57
I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night (Frank Sinatra)73.57
Aurora (The Andrews Sisters)64
Time On My Hands (Bryan Ferry)54
Too Young To Go Steady (Nat "King" Cole)54

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